Since I arrived in Montreal in December people have recommended to take a visit to The Keg for a steak. It took me some time to get around to going, but with a free Saturday evening and friends near by, we decided to take a trip to The Keg on St Pauls in Old Port.

After seeing The Keg adverts on TV, it reminded me of The Harvester back in England. It's a cheap family steak house - good, but by no means top quality steaks. So as you can imagine though the high recommendations, I wasn't expecting much.

There are 2 restaraunts in Montreal, and we decided to go to the on in the Old Port. I do like the Old Port, yes it's a tourist trap, but it's really pretty with its cobbled streets and old buildings - it reminds me of St Cristopher's place in London. It's packed full of (overpriced) bars and restaraunts with twinkly lights and mini terraces, beautiful in the Summer and Winter.

The Keg itself huge, it has a bar side and a restuarant side with lots of booths. Even though we reserved, our table wasn't quite ready so we waited on the bar side with a little buzzer. We didn't have to wait long, as soon as we ordered our drinks the buzzer went off and we went to be seated.

I would of taken a pic of my raspberry mojito, however it was so tastey I gobbled it before I remembered.

The menu was packed full of yummy selections, with a larger starter choice and and even bigger main menu choice. We went for Baked Garlic Shrimp and Scallops and Bacon.

The scallops wrapped in bacon were yummy, though too much bacon to scallop ratio, and the zesty martini cocktail sauce - or fancy ketchup - was great, tough all in all to many flavours going on. The shrimps on the other hand was fantastic, though super hot (heat), the shrimps we're succulent and super garlicky - my favourite.

For mains, I decided to give the prime rib a try after my American friends wouldn't stop talking about it.

I went for the combo which was 'Hand-carved, slow roasted prime rib. Served with Atlantic Lobster Tail' and a double baked potato on the side.

It was HUMONGOUS, that's definitely a trend here in North America, but more importantly it was delicious! I mean the best steak I've had to date. It was the first time I tried prime rib, but it was so flavourful and so tender it literally melt in your mouth. I didn't even need to use any of the condiments, (melted butter, horseradish and red wine herb au jus) it was that good! The lobster tail was also delicious, especially dunked in the melted butter. Crispy bacon bits were sprinkled within the double baked potato, another trend in North America - pig with everything - but I can't complain, it was delicious.
If anyone is craving a steak and is in Montreal, do take a visit, and make sure you're hungry before you go, the portions are huge!
Check out their site for full menu



My favourite meal of the day? Brunch! Who doesn't love eating breakfast after 12pm on a lazy Sunday morning?

I've had recommendations to visit the Lawrence, so one late sunny Sunday afternoon with slightly fuzzy heads, we took a stroll up to check out their brunch menu.

First port of call - a Bloody Mary - actually, for me, a Virgin Mary, vodka and tomato juice just makes my stomache turn.

It was bloody delicious - ha, you get it? Bloody? Ahem anyway, perfectly seasoned, and topped with pickled onion slices, which adds a delicious kick.
I have to say, I was initially disappointed not to see my usual eggs Benedict on the menu, however with a huge variety of brunch delights, my belly started grumbling.
There was so much to choose from, but I just had to go for the English breakfast, being away from home, I needed a home comfort.
It's one of the best English breakfasts I've had, even ... Hold your breath ... Compared to England ... Yes I said it.
The toast was smothered with yummy garlicky butter goodness, the bacon was thick cut with crispy fat, and the sausage was flavourful and meaty, the second sausage was more of a patty, but delicious, not that dissimilar to white pudding, very tasty, the beans were mushy (the way I like) and, dare I say it, as good as Heinz (shhhh). Last but not least? The egg - perfectly runny yolk - c'est parfait!
My friend went for the smoked trout and scrambled eggs, not that great to looks at, but scrummy nonetheless. The eggs were creamy, smooth deliciousness, and the salty smoked trout cut through the richness of the scrambled eggs.
We've been back multiple times and sampled some of their other dishes, such as the baked eggs and ham tome and egg on toast. A friend also went for the pigs trotter, which I'm not yet brave enough to try, but it did look delicious, so maybe next time.
I would highly recommend you take a visit, not your 'usual' brunch menu, more a high class greasy spoon. I highly recommend you seek this place out to try their brunch menu.
And if you miss brunch? Just head a few shots down and you'll find their butcher - it's also great, review to come shortly.
Enjoy! xxx



I heard a whisper that one of the top Mac n' Cheese dishes was served just around the corner from work. Next step? Locate said restaurant and stuff my face with Mac n' Cheese.

Vallier have loads of lunch treats on the menu from bison burgers to salmon tartar. It's a great little spot for lunch, I've never had to wait long for a seat, though it's a little expensive, it's relative for the area. Check out their site for the menu

I'm a big fan of Mac n' Cheese, but I find there are always two types - runny and saucey, or baked with crispy, crunchy top and dense sticky middle. My fave being option number one, and the kind that Vallier serve.

It was sooo yummy, not baked, but cheesey, runny goodness with chunky crispy bacon lardons with worked perfectly with the smooth Mac n' Cheese.
I was about to order the large option, but the waitor said that it was far to big, and judging by the small option (above) I would have to agree - and it was a lot cheaper! Bonus I say.
Would I recommend this place for its Mac n' Cheese? Hells yeah! Maybe slightly better to save it for a cold winters day, but you guys have to go check it out.
And if you need anymore recommendations on a good Mac n' Cheese spot in Montreal check out the mtl blog for details -
Enjoy xxx

A new restaurant has opened just around the corner from work, so my friend and I took the next logical step and decided to give it a whirl.

We went for the $22 lunch menu which has a variety of yummy sounding seafood to try, and 3 courses for $22 - you can't go too wrong.

We started with the crabcake and fried zucchini.

The fried zucchini was delicious, garlicky and crunchy and not greasy at all. Though the crabecake was also tasty, it was more potato than crab, which was slightly disappointing.

For mains we both went for the shrimp 'Josper seared shrimp, roasted red pepper and tomato sauce, feta saganaki, olives, coucous'.

And boy, it was as delicious as it sounded, perfectly cooked prawns and super tasty couscous.
Desert was a trio of bite sized delights, though I really don't have a sweet tooth so wasn't really digging the merange or the fruity biscuit, but the chocolate Grenache was heavenly!
If your in that part of town, I would say definitely swing by for a tasty seafood meal!
Check out their website for a full menu
Enjoy xxx



This is your typical chain restaurant that could be found all over Montreal. It's reasonably classy looking from the outside, and it's a BYO. I was never really tempted to venture in, but one late evening while walking home, my housemate and I decided to give it a try - why the hell not hey?

The menu is pretty obvious - a selection of steaks served with chips. There are also a variety of starters and a couple of other mains to choose from such as Duck Confit and Scallops.

Although I'm a massive steak lover, I decided to give the scallops a whirl - I don't know why, I was just in the mood for scallops, and boy was it a great choice!

To start the meal they give you a basket of warm bread (yum), and a green salad - also rather tasty, then come the mains.

On the table there is a mini metal colindar, and the waitors just keep on filling the up with chips. The scallops were perfect, perfectly cooked, perfectly seasoned - just simply delicious!
The only bugbear was the chips - yes yes, I know what your thinking - it's a steak chips place. What were you expecting? But seriously, although the scallops were great, chips just don't cut it as a side.
I've been back once more for a quick bite before going to Cirque de Soliel, this was at a different location, and it looks like a slightly different menu, with a selection of tapas.
We had fried calamari to start, and I opted for 3 tapas for main - scallop, sautéed mushrooms and minute steak - it was super tasty, though the steak wasn't amazing, but a little dry.
Though a big thumbs up from me, I haven't actually tried their selections of steaks - and I hear on the grapevine there are better steak houses in town - which of course I'll give a try at some point.







Let's kick off my first food post with my favourite meal of the day - brunch! I mean who doesn't love having a nice weekend sleep in and chilling out over an OJ (or a ginormous bowl of coffee) and some eggs in the late afternoon?

Thus far, this is my favourite place in Montreal for brunch. Situated about 3 mins walk from Mont-Royal station, on the rather busy Avenue du Mont-Royal, is a little place called Grenouille (that's French for frog). Serving brunch seemingly only on the weekend, it's surprisingly never packed.

The place itself has that new 'vintage' feel to it if you know what I mean, with quirky wallpaper, old suitcases stacked in the corner and 60s rock 'n roll playing in the background - it's a really nice place to chill out when trying to shake off the night before.

The menu is pretty straight forward - at least when I order it in English which may help - it has enough variety to keep everyone happy

My first choice will always be Eggs Benedict - and boy do these deliver.

The sauce is always the perfect consistency, slightly thick so you can scoop some up with every mouthful. I highly recommend you give this dish a try - you won't regret it.Ok heads up - in Montreal all brunch seems to be served with fruit and some kind of potatoes. I always go for the ham option, which is succulent and sweet, a nice offset to the tangy hollandaise sauce. For some reason they don't serve it on muffins, but that's ok, the little mini toast thingies (that's the official name, ahem) work just as well.

I've also give the bone marrow dish a go - note to self, don't scoop up bone marrow by itself and stick it in your mouth - it has the texture of hot snotty fat - but spread it on toast and it's delicious! I'm afraid I wasn't a fan of the beans as they were over sweetened and far too mushy.
Again, I think it may be a Montreal thing, but the seem to serve pale sausages - I mean it was super tastey, but look at it - it looks like a willy - not appetising at all! However if you were interested in giving bone marrow a try, like me, I'd definitely suggest this dish.
And how can you not love a restaurant that serves free smiley face ginger biscuits? Too cute!From what I can tell, the venue turns into a restaurant/bar in the evening, which I haven't yet, but would like to give a try.
So that's a big thumbs up from me! I hope you enjoyed my very first review, please comment and let me know your thoughts.



Firstly welcome to my new blog! Why have I started a new blog? Because I've started a new chapter in my life, and unfortunately life got in the way of my previous blog and has been totally neglected.


This blog is going to be way less fashion focused, but way more life focused. Think food, adventures, reviews and of course a little fashion thrown in there for good luck - I will focus on all things I love most.


Though I will be always be a London girl at heart, I've taken a big step and moved to Montreal with work. I'm loving it so far and with Summer finally kicking in, things are starting to really warm up. So settle in and come and join me on my new adventures.