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My favourite meal of the day? Brunch! Who doesn't love eating breakfast after 12pm on a lazy Sunday morning?

I've had recommendations to visit the Lawrence, so one late sunny Sunday afternoon with slightly fuzzy heads, we took a stroll up to check out their brunch menu.

First port of call - a Bloody Mary - actually, for me, a Virgin Mary, vodka and tomato juice just makes my stomache turn.

It was bloody delicious - ha, you get it? Bloody? Ahem anyway, perfectly seasoned, and topped with pickled onion slices, which adds a delicious kick.
I have to say, I was initially disappointed not to see my usual eggs Benedict on the menu, however with a huge variety of brunch delights, my belly started grumbling.
There was so much to choose from, but I just had to go for the English breakfast, being away from home, I needed a home comfort.
It's one of the best English breakfasts I've had, even ... Hold your breath ... Compared to England ... Yes I said it.
The toast was smothered with yummy garlicky butter goodness, the bacon was thick cut with crispy fat, and the sausage was flavourful and meaty, the second sausage was more of a patty, but delicious, not that dissimilar to white pudding, very tasty, the beans were mushy (the way I like) and, dare I say it, as good as Heinz (shhhh). Last but not least? The egg - perfectly runny yolk - c'est parfait!
My friend went for the smoked trout and scrambled eggs, not that great to looks at, but scrummy nonetheless. The eggs were creamy, smooth deliciousness, and the salty smoked trout cut through the richness of the scrambled eggs.
We've been back multiple times and sampled some of their other dishes, such as the baked eggs and ham tome and egg on toast. A friend also went for the pigs trotter, which I'm not yet brave enough to try, but it did look delicious, so maybe next time.
I would highly recommend you take a visit, not your 'usual' brunch menu, more a high class greasy spoon. I highly recommend you seek this place out to try their brunch menu.
And if you miss brunch? Just head a few shots down and you'll find their butcher - it's also great, review to come shortly.
Enjoy! xxx


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