Steak Frites

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This is your typical chain restaurant that could be found all over Montreal. It's reasonably classy looking from the outside, and it's a BYO. I was never really tempted to venture in, but one late evening while walking home, my housemate and I decided to give it a try - why the hell not hey?

The menu is pretty obvious - a selection of steaks served with chips. There are also a variety of starters and a couple of other mains to choose from such as Duck Confit and Scallops.

Although I'm a massive steak lover, I decided to give the scallops a whirl - I don't know why, I was just in the mood for scallops, and boy was it a great choice!

To start the meal they give you a basket of warm bread (yum), and a green salad - also rather tasty, then come the mains.

On the table there is a mini metal colindar, and the waitors just keep on filling the up with chips. The scallops were perfect, perfectly cooked, perfectly seasoned - just simply delicious!
The only bugbear was the chips - yes yes, I know what your thinking - it's a steak chips place. What were you expecting? But seriously, although the scallops were great, chips just don't cut it as a side.
I've been back once more for a quick bite before going to Cirque de Soliel, this was at a different location, and it looks like a slightly different menu, with a selection of tapas.
We had fried calamari to start, and I opted for 3 tapas for main - scallop, sautéed mushrooms and minute steak - it was super tasty, though the steak wasn't amazing, but a little dry.
Though a big thumbs up from me, I haven't actually tried their selections of steaks - and I hear on the grapevine there are better steak houses in town - which of course I'll give a try at some point.






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