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Let's kick off my first food post with my favourite meal of the day - brunch! I mean who doesn't love having a nice weekend sleep in and chilling out over an OJ (or a ginormous bowl of coffee) and some eggs in the late afternoon?

Thus far, this is my favourite place in Montreal for brunch. Situated about 3 mins walk from Mont-Royal station, on the rather busy Avenue du Mont-Royal, is a little place called Grenouille (that's French for frog). Serving brunch seemingly only on the weekend, it's surprisingly never packed.

The place itself has that new 'vintage' feel to it if you know what I mean, with quirky wallpaper, old suitcases stacked in the corner and 60s rock 'n roll playing in the background - it's a really nice place to chill out when trying to shake off the night before.

The menu is pretty straight forward - at least when I order it in English which may help - it has enough variety to keep everyone happy

My first choice will always be Eggs Benedict - and boy do these deliver.

The sauce is always the perfect consistency, slightly thick so you can scoop some up with every mouthful. I highly recommend you give this dish a try - you won't regret it.Ok heads up - in Montreal all brunch seems to be served with fruit and some kind of potatoes. I always go for the ham option, which is succulent and sweet, a nice offset to the tangy hollandaise sauce. For some reason they don't serve it on muffins, but that's ok, the little mini toast thingies (that's the official name, ahem) work just as well.

I've also give the bone marrow dish a go - note to self, don't scoop up bone marrow by itself and stick it in your mouth - it has the texture of hot snotty fat - but spread it on toast and it's delicious! I'm afraid I wasn't a fan of the beans as they were over sweetened and far too mushy.
Again, I think it may be a Montreal thing, but the seem to serve pale sausages - I mean it was super tastey, but look at it - it looks like a willy - not appetising at all! However if you were interested in giving bone marrow a try, like me, I'd definitely suggest this dish.
And how can you not love a restaurant that serves free smiley face ginger biscuits? Too cute!From what I can tell, the venue turns into a restaurant/bar in the evening, which I haven't yet, but would like to give a try.
So that's a big thumbs up from me! I hope you enjoyed my very first review, please comment and let me know your thoughts.


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