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Since I arrived in Montreal in December people have recommended to take a visit to The Keg for a steak. It took me some time to get around to going, but with a free Saturday evening and friends near by, we decided to take a trip to The Keg on St Pauls in Old Port.

After seeing The Keg adverts on TV, it reminded me of The Harvester back in England. It's a cheap family steak house - good, but by no means top quality steaks. So as you can imagine though the high recommendations, I wasn't expecting much.

There are 2 restaraunts in Montreal, and we decided to go to the on in the Old Port. I do like the Old Port, yes it's a tourist trap, but it's really pretty with its cobbled streets and old buildings - it reminds me of St Cristopher's place in London. It's packed full of (overpriced) bars and restaraunts with twinkly lights and mini terraces, beautiful in the Summer and Winter.

The Keg itself huge, it has a bar side and a restuarant side with lots of booths. Even though we reserved, our table wasn't quite ready so we waited on the bar side with a little buzzer. We didn't have to wait long, as soon as we ordered our drinks the buzzer went off and we went to be seated.

I would of taken a pic of my raspberry mojito, however it was so tastey I gobbled it before I remembered.

The menu was packed full of yummy selections, with a larger starter choice and and even bigger main menu choice. We went for Baked Garlic Shrimp and Scallops and Bacon.

The scallops wrapped in bacon were yummy, though too much bacon to scallop ratio, and the zesty martini cocktail sauce - or fancy ketchup - was great, tough all in all to many flavours going on. The shrimps on the other hand was fantastic, though super hot (heat), the shrimps we're succulent and super garlicky - my favourite.

For mains, I decided to give the prime rib a try after my American friends wouldn't stop talking about it.

I went for the combo which was 'Hand-carved, slow roasted prime rib. Served with Atlantic Lobster Tail' and a double baked potato on the side.

It was HUMONGOUS, that's definitely a trend here in North America, but more importantly it was delicious! I mean the best steak I've had to date. It was the first time I tried prime rib, but it was so flavourful and so tender it literally melt in your mouth. I didn't even need to use any of the condiments, (melted butter, horseradish and red wine herb au jus) it was that good! The lobster tail was also delicious, especially dunked in the melted butter. Crispy bacon bits were sprinkled within the double baked potato, another trend in North America - pig with everything - but I can't complain, it was delicious.
If anyone is craving a steak and is in Montreal, do take a visit, and make sure you're hungry before you go, the portions are huge!
Check out their site for full menu


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